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Should I reply after NC for almost 6 weeks?

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I have been trolling here for a while but I have somewhat of a dilemma today. My back story is that I was with my ex for 3 years and lived together for two years out of it. He is in the military and went on deployment 4 months ago. When deployments happen, there are always going to be stress involved and we fought he before left. It was combination of a lot things because we are both going through career transitions currently so stress got the best of us I guess.


I guess when he deployed, he felt that it was better that we end things and just focus on his job there. I was expecting it since the communication had diminished to nothing until I confronted him about it. He finally said that he love me but didn't see a future and think that it was better that we end things.


I never responded to the email. I felt disrespected because after 3 years he couldn't even be man enough to do it by phone. I found out about NC here and have been NC since Jan 29th.


The dilemma is that he emailed me and I am contemplating on whether I should reply or not. I don't know if I should break NC after doing so well.


Here's the email...


"I just wanted to see how you were doing? How's school

going? I hope that everything is going well for you back home.

Everything here is the same old same old. Let me know if there is

anything that you need from me or if I can help you out with anything.

Other than that take care of yourself."


It nothing special, but this is alot for him especially since I got nothing but "ok" and "that's fine" type of response before we broke up.


Should I break NC???

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I guess you have to ask yourself what you're hoping to get in response.


If you can honestly respond to be polite and not get anything back then go for it. But you know yourself if you'll be reading into his response, or waiting for him to respond and you have to know how that could make you feel. It could be a setback or it could be closure of some sorts.


But if you're doing fine on your own then why risk it?

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Why Men Come Back - ALWAYS
Why Men Come Back - ALWAYS


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