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Does anyone have a problem talking babytalk to their boyfriend?


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I have had this problem for years! I talk baby talk to my animals, boyfriends, kids. Its a way of showing my affection. Its to the point where its hard to hold back. I feel that im a very nurturing person so i think thats part of it. But recently my boyfriend told me that he cant handle it anymore. I have tried to hold back when i feel like im going to do it. But sometimes i slip. When i love someone i just go overboard and talking babytalk is a sign on my affection. Whether its a baby, boyfriend, cat etc. I'm just wondering if this could be a real problem for me and what i can do to help it. Does anyone else have this problem??

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I agree with missmichelle. My ex boyfriend did it to me and it was slightly offputting, but sweet I guess. It really wasn't a big deal.


On another note, now that my current bf and I have an almost 15 month old, we constantly talk baby talk to each other. My bf is mr. manly, unemotional guy and now that we have our daughter at night we "poon" instead of spoon, b/c that's what we say to our daughter! OMG I can't believe I shared that.

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