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lost dog


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Couple days ago my bfs dog had to be put down. It was totally unexpected, he just got really sick and vet said there isn't much hope. I was very close with this dog, i dont think my bf realizes how close I was, I loved being welcomed by that dog everytime I came over, or how he would always find me in the house and just lay his head on my lap for me to pet him, or how he would always bring me his stuffed toy for me to wrestle it out of him. I've known that dog for about 5 years (thats how long my bf and I been dating) so its not like some new animal I"ve only known for short time.


I feel like I'm greiving this loss by myself I can't tell my bf about how much I miss that dog because he doesn't want to talk about it plus he probably wouldn't understand how attached I was to him. I feel so sad and I cry constantly when i'm by myself and I think about it.

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Aww I'm sorry! We all deal with loss in different ways. Some people reach out to others for support; others just want to be left alone and try not to think about it. Your bf probably doesn't realize how much you miss the dog or how sad you are because he is dealing with this loss himself.


Relationships involve the good times but also the bad times. He may not be able to give you what you want right now because of his own pain, but you guys are going to have to figure out a way to get through this together. You have been together a long time, and if you continue your relationship, you will inevitably experience another loss in your lifetime, probably someone even closer to you than the dog, and you want to be prepared to get through it together.


Tell him how sad you are about the dog. Maybe he just needs a couple days to open up about it.


My grandpa died last week. I cried when I realized he was definitely not going to make it. Then he died a few days later, but I had to work a lot the next few days so I sucked up my emotions and hardly cried at all. Same with the funeral. I just tried not to cry or think about it & got through most of it without showing much emotion. I didn't want my family to see, I guess. Then last night, I just couldn't hold it in anymore. Deaths are so hard. We don't all react in the same way at the same time, but hopefully in the end we can recover somewhat and think about the good times instead of how it came to an end.

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