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Male- hiding orgasm


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I usually dont last very long in bed, so i dont tell her when i've cum, we keep going even tho i'm limp and she doesn't know. Eventually i tell her im gonna cum and fake it. I always use a condom, but i'm worried it will slip off coz im flacid. I need to know how i can last longer? I've tried focusing on something else but i can't take my attention off the feeling. I've tried relaxing, i can do it when i get a handjob but i can't in sex.

We're both inexperienced and she can't go on the pill and pregnancy really really isn't an option.

First thread by the way

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Welcome to ENA.


Does she let you finish inside her? If not, then you shouldn't be lying to her about it. There's a chance the condom can rip, or the sperm can squeeze out of the condom while you're still inside her & impregnate her. It wouldn't be fair to her if she didn't know about it.

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I don't understand how you can be limp and not slip out and she doesn't notice


Yes, it can leak and get her pregnant.


A friend of mine tried a desensitizing condom, and it made it so he couldn't feel anything. He couldn't even finish having sex with his girlfriend.


Try taking care of yourself before hand and see if that helps. If not, can you go again pretty quickly and last longer that second time? Foreplay would be pretty important. If she has an orgasm before the main event, it will be a lot less frustrating if you finish too early.

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Im puzzled...I know this doesn't answer your question but how in the world does she NOT know you went limp? If my SO went limp & was finished I would know right away, there's a BIG difference between him being hard & him being limp lol.

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Don't try concentrating on other stuff. Just keep trying Get out when you're done!!! I can't stress that enough.


Just talk to her and explain, if you're having sex she must have feelings for you. She'll understand. Especially if she is also inexperianced.


I reccomend you explain the case to her and if it lasts 2 minutes every night then fine. You'll gain more control as you go Just practice


Good luck my friend!

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you probably don't last long because your foreplay is so long. you are too turned on at that point.


and doing keep bangin with the condom on after finishing. you are just packing your juices in there. i've had them fall off, break, and such and even that is scary. you are taking a huge risk.

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I'd tell her the truth, its not a bad thing to get so turn on, its almost a compliment. And the reason I'd tell her is 1) because of the risk invloved of pregnancy and 2) so you can get to cum during a BJ or a handjob from her and finish off inside her on your second go.


How long is not long exactly? I know men feel proud of going for hours and hours but it really isnt necessary -Other women might feel different but for me half hour or so in different positions is more than enough especially if I have cum a few times already.

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First question why is the pill "not an option"?


Birth control should always be an option. Expecially if condoms is the only method because you're not even using those correctly. Which voids it's purpose.


Perhaps 2 hours of foreplay works you up way too close to blowing your load so sex IS the climax and therefore you blow your load right away. Try keeping the foreplay to much less.


I've tried de-sensitizing lube and it didn't have an effect on me. And don't think that the "more the better". No, the more the worse you won't feel ANYTHING.


Perhaps it is a combination of using LESS foreplay, masterbating more (a few hrs before you get it on), and using some de-sensitizing lube.


And faking your orgasm is weak. How would you feel is those 4-5 ogasms she was having each session have all been faked? You wouldn't feel so hot now would ya?

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I love that phrase "sort yourself out"....


That works, having an initial orgasm prior can help...however one thing that helps ALL men maintain an erection longer is kegel exercises for men...


Kegels, google it and you can start exercising..it definitely helps you last longer and control your erection over all...

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If you are only able to have sex with her once a week this too is adding to your issue. If I am away from my SO for a while like on a business trip by the time I come back home I am so worked up to see her it takes very little to make me climax.


I know you cant change this, but try making yourself climax before hand. Usually for most men I think, including me after the first climax when you get it up again you can usually go for a much longer time. I have done this and just had to look at her and say "I gotta stop, I cant go any more" to which she sometimes replys, you get on bottom I'll do the work"


Give this a try. If you are all worked up and exited about seeing her and having intercourse with her you are going to cum faster. So do your business before hand, wait till she is there, let her help you get your erection back and then try it.


And as was said before dont keep going once you have came in the condom it is kind of dangerous.


Hope this helps

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Masturbate more. The more you do it (every couple days, every day, every couple hours), your penis will start to desensitize. Another options: try masturbating right before you have sex (sounds stupid but if you want to last longer in bed then it works). Also, when you're having sex, count numbers in your head. It keeps your mind of the things. Also have a funny conversation. I always do when the girl is on top and they all think it's fun and funny. Another option is stress yourself. If you relax too much, it might make you orgasm faster.


Those work for me and I usually last over an hour.

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