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Totally stuck... and stressing out

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I have a great job I love that pays very well... I was "laid-off" in December but was still getting called in 1 or 2 days a week, more often than not. One week I didn't get a call, and managed to find another job.


The thing is, my original job still calls me 1-2 times a week (not every week) to see if I can come in. The new job doesn't pay close, but is steady... but I'm just not enjoying it.


I'm racking my brain over whether I should just do the EI/on-call thing for the job I love, because I do NOT want to lose it. Struggling to job-juggle here...


Someone throw me a bone...

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Right now a job is a job. If you are able to juggle, then great. If it may negatively impact your current job, then you can either tell them that you can no longer be on call, or you can tell them that you can do occasional work, but that it would have to be during certain hours (and tell them some blocks of time).

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