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I ran into a FANTASTIC job oppurtunity yesterday!


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As some of you may know, I got laid off like millions of others from my hostessing job at a resteraunt. I loved working there, and I've been out of work for nearly 2 months now. Having no luck with other places, hoping to eventually get the job back there.


Yesterday me and my friend went to use the restroom in a gas station, and I saw 2 police officers from my town. I asked if they were looking for internships, and they said they wern't but said that they were in desperate need of disbatchers. They need SEVEN of them. That's alot in this economy! So they gave me the number. I called Officer Caldwell, I worked with the citezen's police academy with him and the realitor that is helping us sell our house is his best friend. (the officers at the gas station said Caldwell was the man to know)


We talked for awhile, and said I must have nerves of steel for wanting that job. He said it isn't something he would suggest STAYING at, but it's good for the time being for a college student.


Im currently in my first year of College, majoring in Criminology. I want to become a Criminologist for the FBI, so it'd be great practice and look great on my resime!


He gave me the number of the recruiter to call, and I left a message just now.


I hope I get it!!


I looked at the requirements online, and it doesn't look too difficult. I don't crack under preassure, I don't get indimidated by much. I have a SPOTLESS record, never been convicted of anything, never even touched a drug, cigerette, or been drunk. And considering I just got my driver's liscense last week, I have no speeding tickets either lol:


You have to take a polygraph, psychological testing, and various others. Lucky for me, NO math! Which is the only thing I'm bad at.


I can type 105 wpm and I have a photographic memory with words.


I hope I can get this job, it would really mean the world to me.


Does anyone have any advice on this, or familiar with Police disbatch jobs?

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Lol typo. That's what I meant.


Lol I was thinking for the interview I might even wear my Citizens Police academy shirt, it has my name and everything on it.


Or would that be too much?


i think that'd be too much. don't look overzealous. let your attitude and your resUme do the talking!

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Yes, that would be too much.


I once had a job interview and wore a light yellow polo shirt, not knowing that the uniform was actually a light yellow polo shirt. I must have looked like such a tool.


Good luck Rose, that sounds like an awesome opportunity to get your foot in the door!

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Thanks, I really hope I get it too.


I think I may have a higher oppurtuinty with the fact that I am in school and a Criminal Justice major, want to be in the FBI, have a SPOTLESS record, and it may sound sexist, but the fact that I'm a girl.


The police have to meet a certain quota. So if there is a girl and guy with the same qualifications, they are going to pick the girl.


It may impress them that somone such as me (5"2, 110 lbs) would be applying for a job such as this and has wanted to go into the Criminal Justice field for 4 years now

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Out of interest....what is the height and weight thing?



*scratches head* I guess she meant because she's tiny, they think she's too emotionally fragile/soft spoken?? Somehow it's associated.


I dunno. My friend is in the dispatch business and I tower her by a good foot, at least. I could never endure the stress of such a job. I guess I'm just a gentle giant


Anyway, congratulations on the new job opportunity

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Lol yes Binoo, that's exactly what I meant.


I like it how I'm this short fragile girl who can tote a gun with style.


I'm not indimidated.


Put me in a Cell with a murder to question them, and I wont get the least bit squemish.


I don't have a very high stress level though...I get stressed easily.


What kind of things would you not be able to handle on a police dispatcher job Binoo?

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Yes, they do that.


=Police, fire, and ambulance dispatchers, also called public safety dispatchers or 911 operators, monitor the location of emergency services personnel from one or all of the jurisdiction’s emergency services departments. These workers dispatch the appropriate type and number of units in response to calls for assistance. Dispatchers, or call takers, often are the first people the public contacts when emergency assistance is required. If certified for emergency medical services, the dispatcher may provide medical instruction to those on the scene of the emergency until the medical staff arrives.


Police, fire, and ambulance dispatchers work in a variety of settings—a police station, a fire station, a hospital, or, increasingly, a centralized communications center. In some areas, one of the major departments serves as the communications center. In these situations, all emergency calls go to that department, where a dispatcher handles their calls and screens the others before transferring them to the appropriate service.


When handling calls, dispatchers question each caller carefully to determine the type, seriousness, and location of the emergency. The information obtained is posted either electronically by computer or, with decreasing frequency, by hand. The dispatcher then quickly decides the priority of the incident, the kind and number of units needed, and the location of the closest and most suitable units available. When appropriate, dispatchers stay in close contact with other service providers—for example, a police dispatcher would monitor the response of the fire department when there is a major fire. In a medical emergency, dispatchers keep in close touch not only with the dispatched units, but also with the caller. They may give extensive first-aid instructions before the emergency personnel arrive, while the caller is waiting for the ambulance. Dispatchers continuously give updates on the patient’s condition to the ambulance personnel and often serve as a link between the medical staff in a hospital and the emergency medical technicians in the ambulance.

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it's great you came accross this rose. do you really think this is the job for you? no offense but you freak out a lot over medical issues and other things....dispatchers have to be very calm and knowledgable about what they're doing, they're responsible for some pretty heavy things.


height and weight wouldn't matter at all if you're working mainly on the phones.

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Oh, okay.


Yeah, I freak out about health and medical issues about things with MYSELF.


But not with others. I know alot about certain things such as that with a hypochondriac, and I can detatch myself so I don't get freaked out. That doesn't happen when I Talk to people I don't really know.


And I can remain calm in that matter. I could see a dead bloody person on the side of the road and instead of freak out, remain calm analyze it and call the police.

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How many cells with murderers or rapists have you been in? how many dead people have you found on the side of the road?


Serious questions. I don't really know how I'd respond to things like that, just wondering how you know?

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Put me in a Cell with a murder to question them, and I wont get the least bit squemish.


I don't have a very high stress level though...I get stressed easily.




um, you might want to re-read that, it's a bit contradictory. Live the dream and all that, but make sure that you actually COULD handle it first. Have you done any ride-alongs or anything?

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How many cells with murderers or rapists have you been in? how many dead people have you found on the side of the road?


Serious questions. I don't really know how I'd respond to things like that, just wondering how you know?




Until you've been in those situations, you really can't say.


I thought I was tough as nails, but working with dying people every day has put me through the ringer!

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Rose, I wish you all the best of luck, but knowing how you break down over simple things I have to say I hope you can stand up to the pressure.


And your size has nothing to do with this job. Your gender might even work AGAINST you because most disPatchers are female, thus if they are trying to keep it fair a guy might have as good or better chance. This isn't a police officer job where being female might fare better if they are trying to get their diversity numbers up. Just wondering how one could be happy that they might get a job just because they were female, and yeah i am being negative because there are many things you said in that post that conjured up negative connotations.

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