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I am confused


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Ok I need to vent. So a quick recap, we have been hooking up alot since september, getting more intense, but I won't sleep with him. So a few weeks ago he stayed at mine, we messed about abit, he showed signs of interest I for some reason didn't act, he kept tickling mepulling me on top of him wouldnt let me go. The next day he admits he likes me to my friends. Then a week later after I tell him I like him but the most important thing is that we are friends he says that is all we are. Then he hooks up with his ex who he hates and he asks my friend for advice about it. then a week ago we end up at this friends house and we are drinking etc he tries to take my chair sits on me etc messing again and all seems fine. Then last thursday night we go out with a friend he follows me to put on music, we spend ages just chatting, then on the drive home he tries to compliment my car which he loves to tease me about. Then saturday again we are out with my friends, he sits accross from me or beside me exactly like thursday then we end up at my friends house and eventually are alone, so he starts making moves on me we kiss passionately he falls onto the floor and pulls me onto him, he sleeps on the same couch as me even though there was another couch and blankets he had his arms wrapped round me with his fingers knotted in my hair. He even admitted it to my friends claiming i kept pushing him off it. he insisted on sitting in the front of my car then when i was dropping people home. everything seemed to be going well until today when i get a message from him saying " i am very sorry about sat nite that wasnt ment to happen" so i reply "k bout sat i wont say sorry cause i aint i know we are friends and i dont expect anything else twas a bit of fun thats all so dont worry" to which he replies "ok then".


My problem is I love this guy, he is really good friends with all my friends, i know he is no good for me. I am really trying to think of this as a casual thing. But i just dont get him I dont know what he means he has me so confused does he like me did i scare him off or is he really not interested??


Any advice is welcome

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Honestly Ghost69 i ask myself that alot lately, I love him I love his smile I love his laugh I love the how he gets along with everyone, the way I can talk to him about anything, how he really listens to me, i feel comfortable around him or at least i did. I dont know maybe i am messed up i dont know

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