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What do you do to improve your conversation skills? How do you set your goals?


For instance, today I went to the local outdoor/indoor farmers market and said to myself beforehand, My goal is to talk to 5 random people before I leave. I ended up only starting a conversation with only one (a young lady who worked there), but at least it was a goal I aimed for. Approaching random people in public and initiating a conversation is tough, for sure... especially if you're an introvert. You either do it or you don't.

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A goal with being less shy I used to have but don't do so much anymore was to meet at least 1 new person every week. It started out as meeting 1 new person a day or 5 people a week but that seemed kinda much for starting out back then. It actually worked out in the end thankfully. The important thing when making a goal is to find one that pushes you out of your comfort level; but doesn't get you frustrated to the point banging your head against the wall the next day.

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