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Wow I really hate my job

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I've been working here since I graduated in '06. It's not a bad place and the people I work for are pretty decent at our location. However, we recently absorbed another of our sister sites. I have been working no less than 65 hours a weeks for the last month. Incuding mandatory Saturdays.


I wanted to take off a day next week so I could go out with my friends for St. Pattys day. THey denied my request. I do the majority of my supervisors work while he works out on the floor. I also take all of the ass chewings that come this way from the main office on site. Our boss is my supervisors sister. Everyday I come to work now just makes me want to walk out. I absolutly hate it here right now.


Here's the catch. I can't find another job in the area that pays close to what I make here. Also I am renting a house that my company owns. If I left I would have to find a new place.


I am debating just selling most of my belongings and driving somehwere new and just starting over.


Not really sure what to do with the economy the way it is. I have friends in different places all over the country that could help me out for a bit if I went there.


Not really sure what to do... just venting

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That sucks; I would hate working 65 hours a week. I already hate working 40. Still, I would suck it up for now. This is not the time to quit & start looking for a new job. Just do your best, let the ass-chewing go in one ear & out the other, and keep reviewing job listings in case something good pops up.

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well, if you hate your job that much, I'd say wait until you get laid off. it might just happen if you feel this way. I'm sure your employer senses your frustration. I was laid off (blessing in disguise) Now I can look for work more suitable for me and take classes. But, not everyone is in the position for that.


I would start looking for something else, but know that in this economy, people are being laid off right and left. Trust me, I am not going to say you are lucky you have a job, b/c I understand your frustrations, but if you quit, you will have nothing. Think of all your options, Can you switch to a different department in the company? Can you speak to your boss about your hours?


Right now, it seems that many who are employed are being used right and left b/c employers are making them work two jobs-so they don't have to hire anothern person and provide two benefit packages= saving lots of $.


don't do anything drastic yet, but think about your options. If you do quit, do you have at least 6 months- a year of savings to live on. Because you might need that much to survive.

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Oh, dear.. i don't know what to say.. I know how hard it is to have a job you hate!

Wow. the house rental thing is the worst scenario imho..

I'd be on the look out for new job.

But how long do you have to work at a job to qualify for unemployment?

I jsut started this job this past week and already I'm being picked on, pushed around, discriminated against, and physically injured.

And it's a clerical job too!!


Some employers are just the pits.

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I do not know your industry. Common sense is to get a position where you want to be before you take the plunge in this market. That is what I am doing even though I have good funds in the bank. You may seriously regret if you do not, as times will get much worse before they get better. Believe it, live by it, you will be fine.

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I work close to 65 hours per week, always have. Most people think a job is 40 hours a week, most are above that, but I work 3 jobs so I do work lots!!!! I love money and my jobs, though, so it works out okay for me. If you really hate the job, look for something else when the economy improves. For now, I'd stay put.

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