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In Need of Quick Advice -- Should I Break the NC?

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It has been 5 weeks since my ex-GF and I broke up. It has been straight NC for that entire period. When she told me that she wanted to break up, I said, "I disagree, and here's why (listed the reasons that we should stay together and work it out), but I respect your decision, so I will leave you alone."


I handled it pretty well in front of her face, showing very little emotion, which prompted her to say: "Look, you're not even upset about it. You want to break up." Actually, she probably does think that I'm not upset about it because a week before we broke up I said to her: "If we don't solve this recurring problem, and keep having the same fight, I don't think we could make it another year and half before I move to your city."


Anyways, her reasons for calling it off were not only the typical (1) I'm not happy anymore (BS), (2) I'm not mature enough to have the kind of relationship you want (BS), (3) we're arguing all the time (kind of BS), but also the atypical, (4) you're depression is emotionally draining (maybe some truth there), and (5) you try to dominate too much of my time and try to stop me from doing everything I want to do (mostly BS).


However, in the same conversation, she also said that (1) she is not saying that we can't be together later on, and (2) she still wants to be friends.


Extra background: We were together for 3 years. Half of it was long distance. She is very prideful and stubborn. I am 24; she is 22.


My question is this: If I want her back, should I wait for her to call me, or given that she is a prideful and slightly stubborn person, or should I send her an email that says the following:


I know I acted kind of weird towards the end. But, I understand why you broke up with me, and I just wanted to tell you that you were right. I agree with you. Breaking up was probably the best thing for us. It feels like, to me at least, probably the only way that we could really step back and clear our heads.


Anyways, I just wanted to say that. I hope you're doing well. Keep in touch.


and then continue NC until she contacts me in the hopes that she will see this as a sign not only of (1) calm confidence on my part, and (2) me moving on, perhaps prompting her to pursue me, but also of (3) my desire to keep the lines of communication open? (longest sentence ever).


But I am worried. Do you guys think that this will (1) make me look desperate, (2) solidify in her mind that I do want to break up (I do not), or (3) just do nothing for her?


Very confused -- need advice -- please help.



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I will simply say, getting back together with her will be a mistake. Maintain NC and move on. Your breakup occurred for a reason - whether or not you want to believe that and dive deep into it or not. I know it's not what you want to hear, but you will be a better person 2 years from now because of it.



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