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seeing the ex in a couple days...


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Long story short, my ex broke up with me about a month and a half ago. I've gone strict NC, but she's texted me a few times just to see how I was. I'm am going to her sisters birthday party this Saturday, and my ex will most likely be there. I really have no clue what to say to her, how to act, etc...


I don't think I'm fully over it...theres still a lot of hurt in me right now...but I think I would like to see her just as a friend. I kind of have to go to this party, as her sister and I are very good friends, so theres no getting out of it.


As I said, should I keep contact at the party to a minimum, or should I actually try catching up, as we haven't spoken in quite some time? Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

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Keeping NC is extremely important in getting over your past relationship with this woman. Unfortunately, if NC cannot be had then you need to minimize your exposure with her. Be friendly, but don't engage in any heavy or thought provoking discussions with her. If she's been texting you, she's probably trying to rekindle an old flame or is getting lonely. Or, she may not have felt closure when you broke up. Either way, contact with her right now will add fuel to a fire that needs to be put out.


You broke up for a reason - remember that and try to move on. Say hi, say bye, and try to make an early exit if you can. Have fun though, eat lots of cake!

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