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Do I risk contact with ex after almost completely healed?

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I've posted on here a few times, but to keep this short, I'll just give the basics.


I've been broken up with my ex for 8 months. I tried going no contact right from the start. I'd only respond if she initiated contact. It seemed she used some petty belongings that didn't matter for her excuse to initiate contact every few weeks.


After a few months, I texted her and told her if she'd be ready to be friends, I'd be ok with it. When we split, she said how important it was for her if I could be friends, and I said I wouldn't/couldn't. I didn't hear from her for a little over 3 months until..


Her grandpa passed away recently. I mailed her a card. I didn't write anything, just signed my name. I received a text from her a few days later, which has led to some texting back and forth.


I know the primary reason we broke up was I worked a lot, which I didn't realize how much it bothered her. And her mother for unknown reasons, had a strong dislike for me.


With taking the time apart, I can see why she would want the break up. I've worked a lot from the time I was 18, what would make me change now. Plus her mom was very overbearing, and I didn't know the best way to handle it.


I'm just interested in what would happen if we met up for coffee or lunch. I'm curious to see what her opinion on everything is now. I haven't seen her since July of '08, so I'm not sure if it be a mistake to meet up. It sounds by her messages, that she may have some regret.


I should add that she was the dumper. Although, women like to make that complicated. She wanted space, then when I talked to her she said "you talk like I'm breaking up with you" A week later I told her that she should pick up her things, and when she figures out what she wants to let me know.


Sorry if it's confusing, but I think most can follow. Just didn't want to write a book, then no one answers cause it's too long to read and follow.



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Thanks. You really put that into perspective.


When we dated, she was incapable of sharing her feelings. I ended up texting something like it'd be nice to have a conversation with her where she participated, lol. And maybe we could do that over lunch sometime, but I'd need some heads up as I'm growing my lenten beard.


In the past, I got no response to a similar suggestion.


I guess it's kinda freaking me out a little as to why her mom has been real nice to me the last few months. She created as much friction as she could when we had dated.


The problems that led to us breaking up were easily fixable with some communication. I'm just wondering by the sounds of it, if she's realizing that now.


I won't put too much more thought in it, now I'll just wait and see if I hear from her again.


If she'd completely moved on and is doing well, I'd be hurt a little, but ultimately I'd be happy for her. Although, if she is, I doubt she'd be open to meeting up.

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