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Depression and suicide becoming more and more common.


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This could go in either suicide, emotions and feelings..but I decided to put it in personal growth due to what it means to me.


You know, I look here on ENA and notice that more and more people are depressed..more and more people are wanting to end their lives..more and more people do commit suicide each and every day..


and I find that really sad. I used to be in the same situation..when I was around the ages of 15, 16 and 17. I thought my life was horrible [not mocking people who really do have unfortunate situations in their lives], had no friends, was overweight, saw my life completely spinning out of control as I was getting into drugs and alcohol. I was obsessed with the thought of death and dying, injuring myself, thinking of injuring others. With the common thought in my head "I can't control anything else, but I can control this." I really was in a deepest darkest point of my young life and I was the only one who could bring myself out of it. Not prozac, not the new group of 'friends', not my loved ones..I had to do it for myself.


YOU have to do it for yourself. Life is so beautiful once you get past the whole "there's no point in living" phase, I PROMISE. There is always something better, of course...most of the time it won't just fall into your lap..you'll have to work for it. Why give up so easily? There's always someone or something that would be torn apart if you left this world before your time. Even if it is an animal..or only one person..who cares? It means something. Open your eyes and really look at your life. Fix what is making you hurt. Don't take the easy way out.


I look back and think of all those days I sat at my house crying, writing poems, contemplating how I would leave this world, pushing the people that loved me the most and wanted to help me away..I should've spent those days living. I missed out on so much those 3 years. Now, I appreciate and cherish every single thing i'm exposed to. The innocence of children, the beauty of nature, all the advantages I have that my parents and grand parents weren't given..things that get taken for granted constantly. Before you do something..so..permanent..think about what it would do to those around you. It really is quite a selfish thing to do.


If you ever need anyone to talk to, Private Message me. I'm always on here during the week days.

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