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Don't want to jump to conclusions


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Hi everyone...


In the past few day I posted a thread about my relationship with a girl that have been 5 months for now ... I have received some advices to tell her about how I feel for her...


Yesterday, I called her at night and it was 2 hours call we talked about how I feel for her, the response that I got from her was

"I was thinking that you have some feelings for me, and for that I was checking on you from time to time to make sure that you don't have any feelings for me, and you were telling me that you have nothing for me. Abdulaziz, you have closed a lot of doors in my face right now and I am really mad of myself because I can't give you the same feeling that you have for me...I am really sorry".
That what she said


I don't want to jump to conclusions but when I called her today she was a different person and I feel "drought treatment" I would say !! and she wouldn't receive any of my writing for her "Because I usually write some stuff for her" I really don't want to lose this girl...


So guys any advice !!

I'll try to update this thread with what will happen next...

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