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after three months i heard something that set me back, what's your advice?

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hi everyone, just discovered thistoday through a friend and what a great site!


Well, my ex and i hav been broken up for a few months now, he broke up with me.


the other day he said to my friend that I looked like a famous girl who he thinks is really hot and he only realised how much i looked like her when we broke up.


now, i know that's no big deal


what i think is abig deal is the fact that he adamantly told my friend not to tell me! i think that makes it a little strange, what do you think???

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I think he told your friend not to tell you because he wanted you to find out! He is either just playing a game or he might regret breaking up with you. Either way I wouldn't look into it too much, if he wants you back he has to be man enough to tell you.

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