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Have we broke up?


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Sorry for this long story.


Hi, me and my girlfriend have been together 1 year and 6 months!


2 Days ago she calls me, and argues with me about a pointless little thing, of course i got slightly mad. She said after that little argument "right i wont see you all week then, ill just see you at the party on Saturday". I then replied "i don't want to see you there and i dont want you going, i just want time with friends that night". Of course i do want see her there and to go, but i want spend some time at my best friends memorable party with friends!


So after i said that she took offense, and broke up! However all yesterday we were arguing our points through texting, all day.. She seems to think im in the wrong, ive done something bad and need to learn a lesson and apologize.

I've explained to her i do want her at the party and to go, and i was angry when i said that, but i want to see more of my friends when there, and i dont wish for us to break up over this.


She still wont be reasonable. She still calls and texts, infact just 15 minutes ago she last called. She says she wants me still and im a good boyfriend to her?.. Problem is i don't feel like i need to apologize for anything?? Is this me or her?


She is going the party, and will probably try and get my attention alot, possibly flirt with others to make me jealous.


Help someone!! all advice appreciated. Thanks.

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