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Feeling inferior and left out...

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Before I start I should say that for the past year or so I've been feeling and doing alright. I always try to look at the glass as half full (And I still do) But recently I finally just caved a little and sank into a little depression.


Me: 21, Male, College student, etc.


I'll start out with one of the basic examples of what I mean...


I'm a music major. Specifically a music technology major but I really love to sing and play piano. But I HATE my voice, I have a small range and my voice just sounds lame and sucky. In my choir and vocal classes it sucks because even if I try out for solos, I never get them. And there's always good singers in the music building, from crazy operatic singers, to just regular Joes who at least have pleasant tones >.


My other "skills" I guess you could say are also sub-par compared to other's. Some examples, like with video games, I'm not a total newbie at them, and I love to play but I get beat consistently by better gamers, I wish I was an super pro =p. And when I play frisbee or soccer (Which I also love). I get served and owned on a regular basis.


My ugly mug doesn't help either. There's too many good looking college students around here, which doesn't help my esteem much either.


I know I'm not supposed to judge myself based on others, but even if I looked at just myself I wouldn't be too impressed, and it's really hard not to be blown away when Macho good looking Mr. music savvy plays and sings beautfiul music when I'm stuck in ick land.


I know I should do things because I love them, but just once I'd like to be awesome at something and be acknowledged for it.


Oh well, I dunno, I guess I just got with the depression bug. Any advice?

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Well, people that have a wider array of interests will usually be at a loss at the mastery of things. Dividing your time up among of lot of things makes you well rounded, but it's tough to actually become amazing at anything. This is OK though because it does give you certain advantages, especially later in life in relating to people. It's harder to see the advantages when you're younger, but they do start to show. Some of the most successful novelists were people that weren't really masters of anything. But they could relate to a wide spectrum of people and create highly realistic worlds because of their broad perceptions.


I'd recommend just doing what you enjoy doing and don't worry about how excellent you are at Skill X or Skill Y.


If you really want, you could take up more unique skills that most other guys will never bother with. Most colleges have courses or clubs for ballroom dance or latin dance. It doesn't take that long to become good and it will give you confidence, especially if you do it a lot. Also, since you're a music major, you might pick simple and unique instrument to learn, like the bagpipes. Who knows... you might start the next "Dropkick Murphy's" on your campus.

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