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breaking with someone you like a lot and he likes you a lot to?

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I just had to let go of someone I really like a lot for reasons that I rather not mention on here. I know that he likes me a lot too. I'm in so much pain right now because I can't tell him the reason why we cannot be together and he thinks that I'm just not that into him. I know he must hate me now for not giving us a chance.


Has anyone else given up a chance to be with someone they really like? How did you ever get over the pain?

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I had a similar experience recently but I guess it was more mutual perhaps. I have anxiety problems and after being with my ex for a while it just got too much. We both loved each other but my problems just got in the way so we decided to end it as I couldn’t be in a relationship. It’s been 4 months since we broke up and I’m still in agony. I know you obviously don’t want to mention what the reasons are but it might help to get them out there. Direct message me if you would prefer.


I’ve had to give up hope on the love of my life because I need to sort my issues out. It’s the most painful thing I’ve ever had to do. Stay strong!

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Just done this myself a few weeks ago...I felt like I was a villain and was very conflicted but ultimately it was the best thing to do. The few chances I get to meet someone who clicks with me and I had to let it go. How do you get over it? Talk it over with people, allow yourself to grieve, rediscover who you were before you met them. You'll begin to rationalise things and it becomes a bit easier.


I would try and tell them if I were you, why you exactly have to break it off. That would be one less burden off your shoulders and some closure for somebody that you obviously care about.


Likewise, drop me a line if you want some private advice, and good luck.

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