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:( i am so sad n confused


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my close friend just broken up my his 2 year + gf 2 weeks ago.. i understand that i is very sad, so as i..


before he brokes up with his gf, i notice that i am i keep mentioned about him in front my friends. he is really a nice guy, he is so caring, understanding. BEing with him makes me so happy. since this, i keep asking whther i fall in love on him..


last weekend, me n his friends celebrate his b'day with him at a pub. although he looks very happy n enjoy most of the time, but i feel that he is not that happy from his inner heart.. my heart is so painful..


i drink quite a lot, not not drank yet, still conscious, i dont feel he was drank too, i think he was just high n acts drank... he hugs with another girl n flirt with that girl... so intimate they were.. on that moment, i feel really uneasy with that scen, i ask myself y i cant make myself drank.. y.. y.. y..


from that moment, i hate that girl.. i dislike her.. i really dont want them to get along.. i heard from his friend that he has gd impression on that girl too. this makes me so disappointed, sad, n heart broken.. but yesterday after we went dinner together, he told me that he wont start a relationship for the time being, and altough he was so close woth that girl the nite b4, he has no special feeling on her... y he wants to telling me these... i doubts wat he said... anyway, if he really likes her n he will feels happy, i will wish them .. i have nothing more to say..


y am i feel like that ? i dont know whether i really love him or i just dont want my buddy get along with that girl.. till now my heart still so painful....

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Hi mooddygal,


Love has unfortunately its funny ways. I of late find myself in a similar situation, in which I feel bad that my ex is with someone else. But I always try to think rational (which is hard, I know!). I try to think of why I broke up and the reasons for that.


I hope this helps you on your way, too. I am not sure if you really want to be back with him. The thought of what she is doing to and with your ex might bug you. I know it does for me. That's where I start to think of all the things that we didn't have in common.


Good luck on your healing process!


~ SwingFox ~

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