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why do women give their phone number then never answer the phone?


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There are so many reasons. Something changed with her. You waited too long, etc... Some guys make the mistake of calling once and then leaving it. If she is someone you just met, call her everyday lol. If you have the same friends or she knows your family, that is probably not the best approach.

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We've chatted a couple of times. She seemed cool. I ran into her on Sunday at the market, I invited her out for coffee on Friday. She said she was too busy this week, but would like to get together next week. She gave me her number and asked me to call her. I called twice (Monday and today), got the machine both times. I left only one message, including my number.


I'm wondering if she was just being nice.

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Will a woman who isn't even interested give out her number? Could this be something some women do?


I've done this once because i am too friendly and didn't want to come accross as rude, but i have learned that i can simply say in the nicest, sweetest way possible that i'm not interested, but very flattered.

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Because they are not interested. If a girl gave out a number to a guy she was really interested in you can count on that she would be sleeping beside it waiting for that call. If your calls are not being answered you are being screened and she is just waiting for you to stop calling. Strangely many women give out their phone number when put on the spot and asked for it or living in the moment and then after short thought decide to change their mind on you. Naturally this also goes for guys.

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(another why do *women* thread instead of the particular women you bad luck with... please... no!!)



I hardly ever answer my phone, but I do return calls. I just have my phone on silent because I'm at work during the day and I don't carry my phone around with me everywhere I go.


Is that what you mean?


If a guy calls me, who I gave my number too, then I always respond... but there have been times when I have given my number thinking I was interested but then thought about it and realised I didn't want to waste my time even going for a coffee with him and i have let them know that I wasn't itnerested. I think that's better than actually going out despite knowing that you don't want a 2nd date?


but yea, I think it''s rude not to respond.


But, like it's been said a bazillion times on ENA, please stop with the "why do women...." or "why do men....."

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I live in a small place - so there's a good chance I'll run into her soon, if not within the next day or so - or I'll run into her friends. I think it will be somewhat awkward.


A simple 'no thank you' was all she had to say if she wasn't interested.

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A simple 'no thank you' was all she had to say if she wasn't interested.


HAHAHAHA!! Sorry, but that just made my day.


I'm not sure how old you are, but you have no idea how impossible that is for a great many women (I'd venture to say the majority).


They all have their own reasons and methods, but suffice it to say that the majority of women prefer to use nonverbal indications of disinterest to reject guys and hope we get the hint. Very few, if any will ever reject you in a straightforward manner. I personally see it as spineless and immature, but these are the rules we're forced to play by.


If you must drop any assumption about the opposite sex, it must be this one. Otherwise, you're going to find yourself extremely frustrated.

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Why will a woman give you her number, then never answer her phone?


Do you just leave one message, then wait for her to call?


How many times do you call before you just give up?


I guess for the same reason I get girls' numbers and never call them. I'm not really THAT into them and usually only want one thing, or just to know I have options whenever I'm bored.


In the girls' case though. She might not want to hurt your feelings and give it to you out of pity, then send you the signals by not answering the phone and hope and pray that you get the point.

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Same here, I've also in the past, given my number and not answered. I did it, so as not to upset the guys feelings. I'd ignore, hoping they would take the hint.


I've never ever offered nor given my number, to some guy I wasn't interested in. Come to think of it, I never give my number even if I may be interested....I wait the guy asking for it and these days I don't give it unless I am interested.

So the guy that gets mine, means there is an interest on my part.

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