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Im finally free from being sad!!!

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so i posted a thread a couple days ago about how upset i was about my bf breaking up with me..we had problems with his family and they finally got to him..


so basically last night i finally realized....**** him

i decided that he is completely worth it if he can defend me with his family..if he cant defend me then all the stuff they put me through, all the fights we had with eachother, and everything i put myself through during the break up is TOTALLY not worth it.


i still love him more than anything and i would love to be with him again but IM WORTH MORE than that



and im NOT going to rebound this time..

i am so proud of myself lol

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i know it is! im so happy right now. that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach is gone..i can eat again..and im not thinking of it constantly..


i still miss him but i need to love myself more than i need to love him so from now on. I COME FIRST =]

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