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do men often fake entire relationships?


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I have never been in a relationship I took seriously. The closest one I had that was serious lasted two months. I have had long, one year relationships with men when I was very young. But I didnt' take those seriously. In any case, I have seen quite a few guys date me and while they date me, they will create a new relationship. Their way of breaking up with me is by being in another relationship. Thats fine, except that this new relationship is also "the one". What is it about me that makes a guy find his partner in life two seconds after dating me? Am I that forgettable? These are men who professed about my beauty and their love for me up and down. How could I have believed them? I have never gotten any of the guys I truly wanted.

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I think it has something to do with prehistoric instincts... Freedom is lost, remaining at some place for a longer period of time or even forever (in this case - a relationship)...

Often when I start developping something I have fears that I won't have the chance to hang out with someone else...


Just a theory...

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I find both statements difficult to relate to. I have been independent and alone all of my life and I think ultimately the highest attainable freedoms are found in love. I also am very commmitted and loyal and have no desire to be with other men when I am around the target of my affections/love. I don't relate to "grass is greener" when it comes to relationship type people. The person I'm with is someone I've chosen because I think that they are the best.

Also, what does that mean? These men chose to find their wives very directly after dating me. Simple as that. I don't understand the situation described by that one sentence.

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I have never been in a relationship I took seriously.


Maybe I misunderstood what you're saying, but If this (see above) is true, then that might be the clue to your answer...

If you aren't serious, then you probably seem like a good target for men who won't take you seriously.


There are good men out there, but that sad truth is that there are plenty of guys (and women, too) who will say whatever the need to say to get whatever it is that they want at that moment.


The best defense is to take things slowly. Know your self-worth, and give yourself time to know the man before putting stock in everything he says.

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Yes, I was going to say the same thing. If you don't take the relationship seriously, then why would they? I would imagine that they would move on to the next person that they had mutual interest with and that took relationships seriosly... i know I would.


If you don't take it seriously because you just aren't that into the guys, then try staying out of a relationship until you find one you think is worthwhile enough for you to invest yourself in.

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its not a gender thing. maybe men do it more, but i have experienced a woman doing it to me. amazing how she can say such great things about me, then a few days later never contact me again.


anyhow, there are a few things to consider. people now days date more than 1 person, which 2 me is wrong. also, some people are always going to think there is someone better out there, and in turn, they will never be happy, because they will always be searching.


Your asking if men fake relationships, but your not taking them seriously? They can probably sense that, and can tell your not giving it your all. Why would they waste their time?


how do u expect to get a guy u truly want without taking them or the relationship serious? your setting yourself up for failure, then blaming them?

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some people are always going to think there is someone better out there, and in turn, they will never be happy, because they will always be searching.

That's why I never get when people tell me theres other fish in the sea. Yes, they are others but no one as special as the one I am around right now. Even if they are they have to present themselves to me its not like they are out there and thats supposed to make me feel better.

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