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Healing. The George Costanza way.

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So, like a lot of people here, I am currently dealing with a break up (again!). Not sure but I think I’m at about 4 weeks NC.


There is so much great information at ENA on what to do, how to heal etc, and I think its all pretty much spot on. But I have found the following to be quite useful in slowly moving my healing forward. I know everyone is different, and anything I say in this thread is nothing new, but I just found it helped me actually move forwards, rather than just thinking about it.


Time is a great healer, but I didn’t have much of a life before my ex. My friends are dotted around the world; my family is overseas. I am a bit shy, and don’t push myself to get out into the world. So just getting through the days was never going to be enough. And whenever I’ve been in this boat before, I don’t seem to push through my shyness. Loads of insight; no action!


So now, I just think like George Costanza. What ever I feel like doing, I do the opposite. It’s that simple.


So when I want to call her, George says don’t.


When I want to veg on the sofa, George makes me get up and go out. Half the time, I don’t even know where I’m going.


When my friends do ask me to go out and I can’t be ar5ed, George puts my shoes on.


When I go through the wash basket for the least smelly socks, George makes me put them in the wash and wear flip flops instead.


When I am scared to go out and meet people, George made me sign up for rock climbing / social dinners / coffees / mountain bike riding groups via the wibbly wobbly web.


The list goes on.


And I know it’s no more than doing something different than before, to bring a different outcome, but I quite like George. He’s slowly changing my life.

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Great advice, this reminded me to order the book 'Yes Man' just now (it's the one the Jim Carrey movie is based on).


Last night I had no plans and was just going to stay in and mooch about the house alone. A friend emailed me during the day to invite me to go and see a movie with her and a bunch of her work buddies so I thought "Screw it, why not?" I ended up having a great time. I'm really liking this new freedom, you can be as spontaneous as you like

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How to End Relationship Cycle
How to End Relationship Cycle


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