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Work Conflict

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I graduated with a bachelors degree about 2 years ago. I have a major in marketing and a minor in economics. I chose to work at a financial company as an assistant type role. I was choosing between this company and another company..Now i am thinking i should have chosen the other one but who knows where that might have led me due to how the economy is now


I believe i am being overpaid for this position because I feel you donot need a college degree with this job. I became somewhat comfortable working here but the tasks at times get to me because deep down I know i need to find something else worthwhile that makes me believe I went to college for a reason. I basically do administrative tasks and also deal with some marketing materials etc. It can get stressful and I can be very busy at times where I find myself skipping lunch even. There is some down time too at times as well. About year ago, I would hear some of the girls actually make comments at times because there were 2-3 that cover for reception during lunch and when the receptionist is out. My coworker said she would hear them say why can't so and so(me) do it...and the HR girl who actually has been filling in for reception at times probably long before I arrived at this job casually asked me one time would you want to learn..and i knew where that was going..by just casually training to do it, it would have been pushed on me...and i felt like i wasn't hired to do reception. If that was the case, I would have took the other job. Even my coworker said the same. Also, I did reception for 4 years while i was in college which they don't remember i am sure...I wanted to get away from that and not do something I did while I was in college...so i basically said no not really in this joking type manner and kind of changed the subject..I knew this wouldnt be the end of it


Now a year later..the economy is horrible..and i was actually called in today by the HR girl and she mentioned we need extra help at reception and i want that person to be you and I already spoke to your boss about it and she is ok with it...I felt very caught off guard and almost like this was done behind back to go directly to my boss and then ask me if i am ok with it? Obviously, it didn't matter if i was ok with it..i was backed into a corner and also very suprised so I just said ok.


I just feel like I have enough tasks and I was never hired to do reception and now two years later, i feel like i am taking a total step back. I went to my boss and said I understand how the economy is and I dont mind helping out but is this a permanent thing or a short term thing? And basically she said its out of her hands and it might be for awhile. Reading between the lines I can tell this is part of my role now in the company and I am just not happy about it. Also another girl who is able to do reception, been here for a few years..doesnt want to do it..and i am guessing the HR girl doesnt want to do it anymore either. So now its me and 2 other girls doing it and they will have to spend time training me which will take away from my other work. I have also been here longer than the 2 other girls who would be covering. I just find it as such a slap in the face.


Even my coworker thought this was really messed up of them. Its made me really think its time to start looking for a different job even though its going to be difficult. I already started sending out my resume etc.


I just feel like its going to be hard for me to actually put a smile on my face while training for this. I almost feel like i will be mocked now by some of the girls even like ha, we finally got her to do it...but i just feel very angry because i was not hired for that initally and after two years, i shouldn't be forced into it..i know with the economy people are getting fired left and right but it still just bothers me.

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You could approach your boss again, and say you've thought more about it, and you're not happy doing it, and you feel like it's a step back, and you're sure that she will understand. If she still says it's out of her hands, then ask her whose hands it's in, and what you can do about it. Be as positive as you can, pointing out the other good things that you can do instead, that would be lost if you have to waste that time on reception instead. Don't threaten or make a fuss or do anything nasty at this stage, but just try to cajole your boss into doing the right thing.

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