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ex is dating someone else, I am fine with it but what do I say r/o

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Here is the gist of it:


Ex and I were going out for 5 years and broke up near the end of May of last year on amicable terms. We are on LC and there are no animosity between us. What we discussed actually, is if one of us is dating someone new, that we would tell each other rather than hearing from another source and letting rumours and assumption run wild.


Now the time has come. Before I go on, I just want to let everyone know I have no interest on getting back together with my ex - i just want to be amicable and sincere without sounding like I am upset and jealous or whatever negative connotation exists. I truly want him to be happy and wish him the best of luck but saying just that is too rash and unlike me. Dont get me wrong, I want my response to include that, but also without sounding "final" (ie: I rather continue on with LC). I do not want to burn, unintentionally, any bridges.


I just want to know how all of you ENAers would say and how should I go about handling this situation. Any insights are welcomed

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I'd keep it short and sweet, something like, "Hey that's great news, I hope it's all going well!" Don't ask for any particulars about the new girlfriend, or his feelings for her, or his prognosis about their potential for a lasting thing. You guys are in LC and he's adhered to your agreement by informing you himself about his new relationship. If you in turn acknowledge it in a nice way, you're keeping up your end without looking like you have any other agenda.

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