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INsomnia whats wrong, why cant i fall asleep

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So ive been struggling with insomnia for sometime and have finally been able to start sleeping fully at night, although i am very fatigued and tired when i try and leave the house, I am using Melatonin supplements to help me go to sleep. It works by giving my a relaxed tired feeling, and i eventually pass out


I still struggle without Melatonin, but it seems to be working if i keep taking it


So i was really tired today getting out in the heat and sun, i just got really drousy, and so i try taking a nap when i got home, but I coulnt fall asleep,


Even though my body was exhausted and my eyelids were tired and closed i just laid in bed out of it, but couldnt fall into a sleep, even when ifeel myself falling asleep i catch myself or get scared out of sleep, stardulled, SO napping is not working for me, i catch get my mind to fall asleep, its sucks.


Anyone else have this, is like my mind is scared to fall asleep, ifeel vunerable

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i think my body clock is just messed up.. my hours of sleep are 3am-8am and i get an hour so during the day.. and then another hour in the evening..


but yes i have been on simlar drugs to melatonin.. but i blame the times when i partied too hard..and now by body clock is altered forever now..


Is your bed comfortable? 9 times out of ten it's an uncomfortable bed that causes restlessness...


smoke aload of weed? that sends most people out lol...


eat healthy/work out..read a book b4 you go to bed..


there are many different causes for no sleep.. maybe your worried about somthing?

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Yes, I know the exact feeling you are talking about. I have been dealing with it for a few years now. Melatonin is good in the short term but shouldn't be taken for long periods as it has adverse health effects.


The best way to deal with it is exercise daily and always go to bed and wake up at the same time every day whether you sleep well or not. If you are laying in bed not sleeping for a prolonged period of time then get up and do something for a little while and then go back to bed. Do not use your bed for anything but sleeping or sex. I don't even go into my bedroom until I'm ready to go to sleep.


Make sure to eat right and drink lots of water every day. Also take vitamin supplements.


If you stick to this routine very strictly, it will help and after a while your sleep patterns will return to normal or at least improve greatly.

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Dito. My sleeping pattern is 3-8am as well. I luuuuuuuuuuuv sleeping, it's probably my favorite thing to do, or not do? The problem: Falling asleep! Nothing new though. It all started when my sister and i stayed up to watch MAD TV and Tales From The Crypt when we were like 8 or 9 forever ago. Over the counter stuff works not so bad, but nothing seems to regulate this. I excercise, do my best to eat right, try not to take OTC sleeping pills, and still nothing regulates it. Only thing i found to help and have me in bed by 11pm was lots and lots of sex.

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in some ways i need somone with me in bed to go to sleep.. i'm not lonely just i guess it's a primal thing .. the heat of a woman =)

.. and i like spooning lol


My bf is like that now that he's gotten used to it. But it's still not insomnia.


Have you tried falling asleep with the tv on or something to keep your mind from constantly thinking? I used to do that before when I felt alone, and just didn't have peace of mind. Specially on weekends my thoughts would be racing but I've never ended up having to take sleep meds.


Do you work? Getting a job MADE me have to force myself to get to bed 11pm latest and up 7. Plus it tires your mind out.

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