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How to be happy (or content)


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I am not very happy lately but I don't have a really good reason to feel this way. Things in my life are generally good. Not perfect, but I have a job, my health, a roof over my head, good friends, and a good family.


Things could be a lot worse and I know my attitude needs to change.


Whenever happy feelings creep in, I brush them away because when I let them linger, negative, miserable feelings eventually come along and then it's almost like I crash. It's almost easier to stay miserable than to go up and down.


You could definitely call this depression. I've taken anti-depressants before, but I'm trying to get pregnant so they're not an option now.


So I'm looking for some help:


What do you do to remain content or happy when you're feeling miserable?

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Make changes. Do things to make your mood better. And if you constantly brush away happy thoughts, then you're putting yourself in a situation where you will never achieve that happiness that you want. If you assume that negative thoughts will follow, then they will.


Some things that help my mood are making plans with my friends that I'm excited about, exercising (this is a huge help), and getting myself into a new activity. I've been a little down lately because of an issue with a "friend" so I started looking at volunteering activities in my area. Give yourself something to get excited about!

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