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Which is the friend which is more?


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A guy regularly asks girl A out for coffee. He tells her about his ex girlfriends and talks about his job and politics. he is very comfortable. sometimes hell just grab her wrist to read the time.

A guy occasionally asks girl B out for coffee. In recent times only when in the company of A. If B is missing he will ask after her. He regularly compliments B on her appearance and her intelligence. He touches her also.He lends her books and confides his worries in her.


Now settle a bet.

Is he

A, A player

B, a man with two nice female friends.

c. Fancies both but cannot decide.

d. Fancies A, B is the friend.

E. Fancies B, A is the friend.

F. Fancies both but will never date either.

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I'd go with B & E, but closer to B. He seems like he has two good female friends. Out of the two he does seem to flirt a little more with Girl B.


But! He finds it easy to ask them out of coffee and talk to them, if he was interested in dating either of them, he would have asked already.

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b or d.


against common sense, lending a girl books and confiding his worries will just build strong momentum for a non-friendship relationship if they already had something going - it's a wonderful way to build a friendship, though. I'd say then, that his friendship with B is stronger, and perhaps he's trying to induce jealousy on A, by using B's presence - who might also be helping him analyze the whole scene, since he feels A is not really open for anything right now.


or perhaps I'm just a hell of a schemer who likes to play these kind of mind games, and think everyone is as loonie as me.


on A's place, next time he complimented her looks I'd just ask 'so, she's pretty. what are you going to do about it?'

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