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A Little Advice, Please?!


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I don't have the best luck dating, and it's been a while since I've really done it. I dated someone a few weeks back and it didn't work out so I just need some help with this so I don't make the same mistakes.


I just met this new girl recently and I've been out with her once already on Sunday evening (today is Tuesday).


I was wondering if you experts out there could give me some tips on how to proceed further with this. How long should I wait to call/text/email her? how long should I wait to ask her out again?


I didn't kiss her on the first date because I felt as if it would be too soon, but if things go well on the second date, a kiss at the end of the night would be acceptable, right?


If I could get answers to these questions, and maybe thrown in a few "do's" when starting to date someone new, I'd appreciate it!

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Don't play into the calling rules. If you want to talk to her, just call! I say next day is reasonable enough.


As for kissing her, a peck on the cheek won't harm on the second date.


And also, a few "do's". I can think of one - go on dates which are interactive, less pressured etc. Go bowling or mini golfing....sometimes a movie or dinner may be a little intimidating whereas if you are having fun, you can both relax more and not be analysing what to say.

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Ok awesome. I don't generally like to do those "calling rules" either but everybody I know has always said not to call the next day so you don't sound too eager.


Sounds good though, I'll give a call tonight and see if she's free this weekend.


Thanks all!


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