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Love and Lunar Cycles??


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Sounds crazy, (probably is), but does anybody here believe in the Lunar cycles affecting people's feelings and behaviours, especially where love is concerned?


I ask because maybe it's a coincidence, but the past few days up to tonight have been pretty full-on for a couple of best friends of mine, and even inexplicably for single me.


For myself, it's been a sudden dramatic spike in my feelings of romantic unfulfilment for no particular reason over the past couple of days.


For my two friends, they suddenly seem to be having big (completely unrelated) disagreements with their Girlfriends over seemingly petty things. Last I saw of it, one friend was to the point where he was contemplating not even going home to Her tonight just to have some space to think to himself.


Neither friend has had any major problems / arguments with their respective girlfriends. Then all of a sudden within one day everything seems to be going upside-down for their relationships... Then there is me feeling all these feelings I am trying to get over now resurfacing when nothing in particular seems to have triggered it!


I can't figure it out, except to say it's like romantic negativity has apparently been amplified tenfold. It's full moon tonight. I'm usually pretty skeptical but it seems curious that all this turmoil is occurring right now all at once.

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Yes..I do.

Venus (the planet of love) is actually in retrograde

until April...which means it's going backward. Anytime a planet is in

retrograde it means things can get bumpy. So it's best to not make

any major decisions until that planet is moving direct again.


I guess I am the kind of person who needs to know the scientific explanation as to why or how the movement / positioning of the celestial bodies can possibly affect human feelings and behaviours?


I tend to have a very analytical mind, perhaps over-analytical...

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Raize - I agree. One thursday I kind of started this huge argument out of nowhere with my boyfriend. He blew and we did talk for almost two days. When we finally did talk on sunday we almost broke up. We typically do not argue like that.


I went on link removed, and yes, it said that Venus is in retrograde. That means this month might present some challenges. My b/f is a Cancer and is already super sensitive. Eeeks....

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