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What are some Healthy ways to Detox your system?

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Hey everyone!


Just curious as to some easy, inexpensive ways to detox or clean out your body. I take alot of vitamins and afew supplements and lately i have been feeling low on energy and catching colds easier than normal. A person can usually tell when your body has a good build up of toxins and would like to flush them out. Any methods or ideas? Thanks!

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Avoid alcohol, caffeine, soda, etc... drink a lot of water, gatorade, and juice; eat light baked&grilled foods like potatoes, shrimp&rice, grilled chicked, salads, etc. A good 2 weeks - 1 month of that should have you feeling like new.


You can also have EQD follow you around for that time and kick you in the a** if you get off track...

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gatorade might help. you may need electrolytes.


sometimes if i feelin crappy after drinkin, i'll take milk thistle (pill form). it helps flush the liver.


daily multivitamins are great with gatorade after drinkin too.


is this why drew? maybe take some time off bud light. maybe you are sick?

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The body has a natural detox system that is made up of the liver, kidneys, and lymph system. So you have your own built in purifiers!


A lot of the press you read on 'de-toxing' is just to sell product. Some of the more famous ones have you take supplements that come out of other end as giant globs of 'toxins', when it is really the product itself coming out the other end, so a scam.


So the trick is to tune and fuel your body such that your own systems can do their jobs.


Tiredness and colds may mean a suppressed immune system. Have you been getting enough sleep, or partying and drinking too much? that might explain why.


I'd just continue to eat healthily and exercise and take some stress vitamins (b-complex vitamins plus C) which help provide your body with support for when you're worn out or under stress.

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You can try to fast for 2-3 days, and eat only papaya, mango, cantalope and watermelon while drinking tons of water through out the day. This helps with detox.


eesh. better do that over a weekend so you don't have to work. u be hittin porcelain all day bud.

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you want to clean yourself out in 24 hours?


a few options that will do it:


-5 cans splits pea soup throughout the day

-del taco - veggie works burritos (eat as many as you can)

-eat 100+ little ginos pizza rolls


all of those will flush you. don't ask. no, i've never done the pea soup one.

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