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friends affecting my dating life

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Can friends have a bad influence on dating? I'm asking because I have friends who fall into 2 general categories: 1. they aren't looking, trying to find a girlfriend or they already have a girlfriend, 2. they take dating, marriage, etc. really seriously and I've never seen them hitting on girls ever. The latter is mostly guys I know who go to church on a regular basis and have really strong belief in their religion. As for me, I'm trying to get dates, occasionally hit on girls, the works. But the fact that none of my friends are even trying makes me feel even less motivated to go through with it since no one else is going through the same thing. I guess you could say that I also have issues with having few friends in common with the friends I do have, and that most of my friends don't have similar interests to me (ex. I want to go out play frisbee and they don't like frisbee, etc.); but that's something else.


The first group of friends I described I can understand, since we're all in college and some are more focused on finishing their degree than hitting on girls or finding a girlfriend. But like I said it feels un-motivating for me when the personality of every friend I have is the kind that doesn't go after girls. They don't need to be a pickup artist, I just wish they were more like your average guy.

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I can sort of relate although maybe not so directly with dating.


I'm trying to basically rebuild the whole deal of me "socialising" and "going out" so ofcourse you start by asking your good friends if they want to do this or that. Straight forward enough ... except these friends are like you (the old you anyway) and just don't have the effort or desire to. And hey you gotta be out to even have a chance ...


Same with conversations and stuff too actually; it's hard talking about it and obviously doing anything about it, if they aren't bothered with girls at all (I don't mean gay).

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