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I could be...Negative self talk or healthy?


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Today I noticed this constant self talk . Things in life have always come very easy to me.


At work I am what they call a "top performer". I always exceed my stats and targets. I always hit top commission, win trips, and other prizes. I come in and work 45-50 hours a week and go home. I see other college's work 60-70 hours a week and barely hit their stats. They are better employees than I and a bigger asset to the company. I could be a better employee.


I have B.A, and I have a massed quite a bit of useless facts and knowledge. People consider me smart, intelligent, and articulate. But I don't feel intelligent or smart, there is so much in this world I don't know or understand. I could be smarter.


People view me as a kind, nice and generous person. I try to live my life by the golden rule. I could be kinder, nicer and more generous.


Everyone seems to regard me in such high esteem, but in my heart I know could be better.


Would you view this as negative or healthy self talk?

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I wouldn't call it healthy, you're obviously not living up to your standands and you could be doing better. Granted if you do too well you set the bar too high for others. So it's hard to say try harder to someone who already excels. Maybe you need to find a way to challenge yourself without being a detriment to others.

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