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What is she doing?!

She's Not Texting Me Like She U...
She's Not Texting Me Like She Used To

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I've got other posts here so if u want to get up to date jst read them. But basically, my ex ahs been txtin me some really weird messages.

It first started of because she was being really mean to me so i told her it was upsetting me, and she was like


i still love you loads and care about you etc but its easy to be mean then to feel what i do inside


Then yesturday, she txt me saying


she misses me loads and what she misses


So i txt back some stuff and she goes on to say


sorry im being stupid ill shut up


And i was jst like you hang out bait, wait for me to try n get it then pull it away from me, she said sorry and i jst said dunno what to say probs best to jst leave it, so yeh shes giving me really mixed messages etc n i dunno what to do. I feel i need to talk to her about sumit.

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ahh s**t guys, she jst asked me to go back out with her... i was jst txtin her why she was saying all this and basically this is what she said


' if i was u id hate me, sometimes i jst want you back but i dnt have the guts'


and i replied


'maybe your right, maybe i should hate you, but i dnt, we have what 9 weeks left and we cant even talk properlly, maybe your right, maybe i should hate you, it'd make it easier, but thats not what id want...'


shes now txt back askin if i would go back out with her, guys i dunno what to do, i mean is she doing this because shes feeling sorry for me or because she genuinly likes me?

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