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I'm being clingy, keeping myself in check, trying NC but need advice....


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I have posted on here before about the guy I have been seeing so I won't go into the whole story. Basically, things have come up recently that have brought up my fears and insecurities and so I have become more clingy in the past few weeks with him. I see it's a pattern I have and I want to change it-I realize I cannot control anything about him, only me! I decided to distance myself a bit because the clingy things I have been doing are calling more often, texting more often, taking the initiative to see him more often, etc- and I hate being that way, but I know it is really coming from a place of fear and that it is mine to work through. I feel that distancing myself will start to encourage me to get back to my own life. The fact of the matter is that he says he is leaving *again* and I am having a hard time with it. Several people here suggested I end it but I guess I am not strong enough to do that yet. He even said he was the one getting attached to me after he tried to project his feelings on to me recently. I wonder if the distance will help. I just don't want to ruin the time we have left together with my "bs and issues". So I am starting today to give him a little room and not contact him or initiate contact. I just don't want to play games but this seems kind of like a game....but is it a "game" if I am doing it more for me than for him? I don't want to be soooo consumed by him because of my fears of letting go- so I'm trying to let go. Any thoughts?

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