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Well what do you reckon to this little story...


Met a guy, all going well, met the parents, friends etc etc. Suddenly his grandad dies and he goes a bit funny and stops talking to me. So i confront him about it and his answer is "i'm really sorry but i think its best to call it a day, i really like spending time with you but i need to have no confusions for a while and need to get my head straight" or something along those lines.


Now after a few txt messages back and forth I said i understood and didn't reply to the last one that was sent. I haven't contacted him ATALL and don't really intend to, I'm getting on with it but am quite upset to be honest. Just wanted opinions really, because it all was going very well and then ended like that, seems odd no?

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Just wondering if anyone has ever been dumped, but then the guy/girl changed their mind?


Ohh yeah.. I was dating this one girl that I had some very strong feelings for; we dated for about 5 months. One day she came to my place one day and told me it's over because she didn't have time to spare, I was hurt but I understood. She was crying through the whole thing. We stayed friends but only talked once in a while.


A month and a bit later, I started dating this other girl and my ex called me one day and asked me if I was seeing someone (I thought she was just making conversation) and then two weeks later, she called me and said "I'm an idiot, I did something stupid." So I told her that she could come over to talk about it. I'm thinking it was something completely unrelated to me, and next thing I know, she's getting close to me on the couch, and when I tried to get her to talk about it, she told me she was upset because she let me go. Then when I showed her around my place (I just recently moved at that point) she cornered me in my bedroom and tried to kiss me. I of course had to tell her no -- as much as I wanted to kiss her -- and she ended up crying and going home.


She apparently had strong feelings for me for another two months at least, but of course, nothing happened on my part because she hurt me really bad and I was with someone else.


It's messed up though, she won't even talk to me these days, but it's all for the best.

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Every guy that has broken up with me has changed his mind.


when I have broken up with someone i have never changed my mind.


I was reading something (was it even on here???) that if a guy breaks up 50% of them will change their mind, whereas if a girl breaks up with a guy only 20% will want to go back.

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