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Unsure of friendship


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Thanks for reading. I'll try and keep it short.


I've known my friend for 22 years. We grew up together. Our lives have gone their separate ways but we still have kept in touch and when he is in town we try and hang out. Growing up we were both playboys, enjoyed drinking, nightlife......if you have ever seen the movie "Swingers" you get the picture. However, I got married, have 1 child with another one on the way, and he has just continued on with the lifestyle I used to live. Meanwhile, I work two jobs, go to school, and am a father, etc......


I am trying to figure out why but I feel like stopping contact with him. This past weekend I was working my second job and gave him a call. He sounded busy because he was at a sporting event and some girls were coming up to him so I told him to just call me later.


So I saw a missed call from him the next day and a voicemail message. Instead of listening to the message I called him back. Some girl answered the phone, apologizing to me for my friend not calling me back, asking me a bunch of questions, etc. He got on the phone briefly and we got cut off.


I was kinda pissed off. I don't give a crap if he didn't call me back right away, I barely ever him from him anyways. Then this girl I don't know answers the phone wanting to "apologize" for "kidnapping" my friend.


This may seem petty, but I for some reason just don't feel like keeping in contact with him anymore. I don't know why...........maybe someone can help me figure it out. Thanks.

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Here are a couple reasons:


You both have different priorities in life.

You have more responsibilities than he does atm and only a few friendships survive this.

So, its not "petty", you probably feel like you dont have the patience for this.


Maybe you can stay in low contact with him, and try not to let it bother you.

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Thank you for responding!


Yeah, after a few days to think about it you are right on both accounts. I think the main reason I was irritated. I'm 31, working two jobs, going to school, and raising a young family and he's 30, no responsibilities, going from party to party without a care in the world. I just don't want to hear about it I guess.............


I think low contact with him is the best idea. Thank you.

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