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Need some advice from people who dont know me!!!


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Hi my names emma! i have been with my boyfriend for nearly four years, we have a beautiful 2 year old together.

Like evry relationship we have had our ups and downs. but recently sumbody told me that a girl was telling people she slept with my fella. i emailed her askin wat happened and she sent a rely saying they slept together and she was drunk and so on..... i comfronted my boyfriend he denied it all. the thing with this girl she has got a reputation she has told a few ppl i know she has been raped on 3 diff ocasions. she even sed my friends husband raped her which came out to be a complete lie. i really dnt know wat to think!!!

he is also very secrative with his fone and i have found numerous messages from ex girlfreinds they have neva been bad just general conversation. he has promised me that he wnt txt them afain and to be less secrative wit his fone which i have yet to see if he sticks to his word. im really beside myself and dnt know what to do!!! any advice u can give me wud b really great xx

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it sound slike you have a trust issue with them. if he is secretive, then he is hiding something isn't he? if it was just "general conversation", why did he promise not to text them enymore? it doesn't sound like it's clear to me. did he promise to stop texting them so that you will get off his case? and why does he need to be in touch with several ex gfs? You have a child together so it's important to have a serious, stable relationhsip with clear boundaries for the sake of your child. if you are worrieds about him being drunk and sleeping with some girl at a party, I think you need to sit down ands have a serious talk.

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Well the girl who supposedly 'slept' with your fella.. I wouldn't worry about that too uch. It sounds like she is a drama queen. As for your boyfriend being secretive and texting ex's? Not cool at all. I would definitely have a talk with him.. other then that I don't know what to do honey.. sorry

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I think you need to ask her more questions to see if you can get some idea of whether this is true or not. She may well be lying but something just doesn't add up.


A similar thing happened to me with an ex. A girl started contacting me and telling me she had been sleeping with him for 6 months behind my back. I asked him and he swore it wasn't true. The girl carried on and in the end it turned out to be true. He was still denying it and promising me he didn't cheat even after we had finished. Pathetic.


I don't want to worry you by telling you this, just want to make you aware that although she could be lying she might not be too.

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