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4KM run per day


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I should think that taking up running everyday after work has changed my life in more ways than one. I feel energised, it resets my biological clock, I'm getting into shape, I feel more confident, I am more positive, I get to let off some steam without bothering other people, and I suspect the girls are starting to take notice too!


I would recommend this to anyone!

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I've been going ~4 times a week and it's definitely gotten me fitter, and I think kept me sane these last few months. (yes I still, for now, do it out of enjoyment rather than need)


But no difference for me with the girls in the 4 to 5 years since I started doing it which sucks

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great! keep at it! remember the key is to start slow and go steady. Certainly watch your knees. DO NOT forget to stretch after. I used to run 5 miles every other day but have stopped since last 1 month b'coz of knee injuries. So, if your knees start to bother you, don't wait, immediately consult a physician.

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