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living with someone you like

Dreaming of my ex-boyfriend hugging...
Dreaming of my ex-boyfriend hugging me

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Hey just wanting some advise on how you would takel this situation.


About 2 years ago i met someone who was fantasic, ending up being friends talking every day emails or txt, Slept with him twise, got stood up from him a few to many times and i had had enough. So i stoped talking to him.

6 months latter he sends me a txt and im a little hostyl because of the past 6 months but actully missed being his friend.

A few months latter i needed a new flatmate and he moved in,

We have grown closer and i started to fall for him in a different light.

We are two very seprate people - and for this i know for a fact it would never work - but that doenst stop me likeing him.

He has been single most of the time i have lived him and we acted a little coupply at times - but nothing ever happened.

LAst month he started going out with this very cool chick who is perfect for him and im genuinely happy for him beacuse i want him to be happy and he really is.

Last week one of my friends told him i liked him and now he stoped talking to me - unless its small talk - coz well we do live together....

He doesnt know that i my friend told him this.


Now im not quite sure how to talk to him about it - with out losing a good friend with out lying and with out him talking to me...

Im not very good at talking about how i feel either which still makes it hard

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Wow this isnt a simple situation but u can work it out!

Best will be just being honest with him. Explain how u r genuinely happy for him.

I personally think you still like him becaus eyou may have some leftover feelings for him. I mean, even you realise that you both wont work.

Just be honest, and if he is a genuine guy, he will understand

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You could just be honest and tell him what u told us.


You like him, but know it would never work, and you really happy for him because this new girl makes him happy. Also you hope u guys can continue to be friends and not let that get in the way.


Will probably be hard to say face to face, but just think of the advantages if u do, u guys can be friends, and flat mates without being to awkward, can talk again, and u have nothing to hide anymore.

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Youch so i told him new..

Asked he wanted to talk about - he said why would he want to do that

I said coz i thought you might care a lil

he said we i see it as a finished topic thats it over

so i asked why i felt like he hated me then - considering we used to be close

and he said when have i been home - and blocked me

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and he said when have i been home - and blocked me


Im confused about this line. was he complaining ur never home, or saying ur never home so u guys cant do stuff or something?


blocked you? u tell him over internet or something?


there is not much for him to say if he does not feel the same except tell u what is going on in his head. like does that make him feel weird towards u or he dont really care

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