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I talked to this chick in my Irish history class for the first time in February. I kind of forgot about her, then noticed again how gorgeous she was one day, and then asked her to coffee. She accepts, we go, have a good time, talk for like two hours afterward in the park. Exchange numbers.


This was Friday. I see her, automatically, in class tomorrow. When is a good time to ask her to something else (ie, ~ how many days after Friday is in good taste to wait)? For two college kids who have only had contact twice (the second time albeit for two hours...is that even a date?) what are some good ideas for things to do?


Thanks for the help as I finally figure out this dating thing for the first time. This site is the best!

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Frankly if you want another date, just go ahead and ask. I never understood why guys felt the need to wait three days, etc. I think often enough, two people know by the end of the first "date" whether or not they'd like a second one, so why wait if it went well? I recently went out with a guy that asked me out on the second date at the end of the first. I admired his straight forward attitude.


So if you're ready - go for it. Doesn't sound like this gal will turn you down

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