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One night stands--How many have/would do it?


Have you ever had a one night stand?  

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  1. 1. Have you ever had a one night stand?

    • No, and I would never
    • No, but I would
    • Yes, 1
    • Yes, 2-5
    • Yes, 6-10
    • Yes, 11-15
    • Yes, 16+ different partners

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Just reading through here, thinking about one-night-stands and curious as to who has partaken in these or if given the opportunity, would.




I'll keep the poll anonymous for all of you shy folk =)


Also curious as to HOW MANY you've had.


Please no judging others on their values! Thanks!




Edit to add: My definition of a one night stand is ONE night, not multiple hookups with said person.

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Funny I just watched Knocked up today and was thinking about this.


Never had one, I highly doubt I would. Only time I think it could happen is if I got reallllly drunk. Kissed a whole lot of guys whose names, or faces I can't remember though.


One night stands just aren't my thing. I'd rather go without sex I think.


Oh.. if a one night stand does include receiving "manual stimulation" then thinking back YES, I've had one.. Badbad idea since I was getting over break up and ended up in tears in the middle or an O. Akward.

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way... way... way too many..... I don't know if they all could be considered "one night stands" since many became booty calls at a later point in time.. but I've been a real jerk in my days..... atleast the way I see it now...... I've changed a lot though (I think) and I've actually decided to take my time with relationships.. probably why I don't get involved in very many.... but ya, I felt terrible and guilty after each one... full of regret.... why I kept doing it? probably low self-esteem.. who knows.... ..


also a little edit here


I find it interesting that I recently (past couple years) have a way lower desire to have sex with a girl... I'd much rather makeout a bunch and cuddle up... I find sex boring and not very enjoyable after awhile... just seems like the same ole, same ole..... and to be honest, I mostly only do it with a girl when shes the one that clearly wants to do it more than me...


I blame all those one-nights stand and meaningless hook ups for that!

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I've always wondered...how "far" do you have to go to call it a "one night stand?" Does foreplay or "erotic play" count, or do you have to finish the deed completely? That would affect my vote...


In my opinion, it's full-on sex.

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I don't like bars/pubs/clubs or any other alcohol obsessed place so I'm pretty sure I'll never end up in that situation (I know it can happen without the girl drinking but really, very low odds).

Ideally, I wouldn't. I definitely am the sort of person who would only want to have sex with someone I cared about. As you can tell with my fancy italics though, I have to admit I might end up doing it if the girl was really wanting to because, well, the whole thing about being dateless, virgin, etc.


(Just being realistic here ...)

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When I was single, travelling around the U.S., it was the norm in the construction biz. Never stayed in one place too long, you followed the next building binge. But this was before Aids, STD"s, etc. And the construction ladies were OK with this arrangement.

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