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were broken up but it would be our 2 yrs.


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this sunday would be mine and my ex gf 2 years... iv been trying to go NC as much as possible. we have spoke 2ce in 2 weeks. both a week apart, and now im very very much still in love with her, but she has said to mutual friends that she Quote: "Right now I'm enjoying being with myself, I like the time to

concentrate on things that I want to do.. I really hope (my name) is doing



Now the coming sunday is our 2 years, we have been apart for about 3 weeks now. everything i have done to attemped to bring her back into it has backfired. and or made things worse......


i really want to get backtogether just dont know how to play it.

please someone give me something has worked, or possibly could work?

or does it just sound like there isnt much hope from her end?

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This is what she said to a mutual friend



I really don't get it how no one can understand. I get it that we were

together 2 years and all the rest but you don't know what its like, I don't

like being in an environment where I need to keep my opinions to myself,

cant do what I want without being 'judged' it * * * * s me and we are always

bickering, that's just a few things, I've just had enough. And I'm really

sorry that everyone else is finding it so hard to understand but when

you've had enough you've just had enough! I'm not talking to (My Name) to

make it easier on him, because there is no point dragging it on. We've

tried and tried and everyone is saying to try and again but honestly I just

don't have the energy.


Think what you want and say you would never do it but if you felt the way I

did you'd understand.




I think its pretty over?

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Well, I'd say, go with the advice of most in this case. Just go no contact. It doesn't sound like you can do anything right now. Let her think things through. You won't change her mind by logic or begging, or acting as a friend. Believe me, I've tried all of the above, when my ex had similar feelings. Then I made it worse. Down the road (months-years), it may work out again, but trust me you have very minimal chance of getting things back right now. You will have to be over her by the time you get back together, ortherwise you will act pitiful and that is very unattractive. So I suggest losing hope... very very hard to do... I know... I haven't been able to do it. I found that watching the movie Swingers was comforting. Overall, just trust most of the advice on this site that saids go no contact. You said yourself that contact keeps backfiring. I know this isn't the advice you want.

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Women always say this man. "I have no energy." BLAH BLAH BLAH.


Yeah, I got the same B.S. from my ex. I think they are just trying to come up with things to say, when they probably lack a good reason for the breakup. It sucks because you want a good reason so you know what to change.


You need to let your ex wonder where you are and who you are with. That is pretty much the only thing I know that works in these situations.

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