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Moving too fast?


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Well I've been with my girlfriend for three months now. On saturday we were in my room making out and it was the first time we've really gotten to do it privately. She let me touch her breasts outside of her sweater so I figured I'd go for gold and tried to put my hand up her shirt.


I got to the top of her ribs when she pulled away. She wasn't cross but she clearly wasn't going for it. I'm fairly sure she wasn't annoyed as we got on fine for the rest of the evening but I'm wondering if it was a bad move?


On one hand, I know women like men to have some balls sometimes but on another, I dont' want to give the impression I want her for her body. I really do like this girl, enough to want a long term releationship. SHould I talk to her about this?

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I think it's all fine.


You made a move, she pulled away. Perhaps it's just moving too fast and she's not ready for that yet. She will be soon enough if she let you touch her boobs through her top. Perhaps focus on that for now and the rest will come in time.

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I say there's no need to talk about it, unless something changes in her. Like if you feel like she becomes more awkward around you.


Getting denied happens, it doesn't mean she's gonna judge you. Just take it slow, maybe for this girl you should let her do the leading. Taking it slow is good.


Edit: Ha, we all posted at the same time!

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So many replies so fast, cool


I'm not really worries, just good to hear opinions. All the same, would it be worth just having a conversation about it, just to make it clear I'm not after her body?


Your actions will show her that much better than your words ever could. Continue to give her your undivided attention and affection, that's all that's necessary.

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Well I wouldn't say that's moving too fast. My first gf I slept with her after 1 month. Second gf I slept with before I went out with her and asked her out the next day, and this one got very serious and lasted about 2 years. Third gf I slept with before I dated her and again asked her out the next day. This one only lasted 4 weeks. Girlfriend 5 I never slept with within 3 months, the furthest I got was seeing her breasts and having a little play at around 2 months. My current gf I slept with an hour after officially being a couple. And she looks set to be a very long, very serious relationship.


My point is I have done things a lot quicker AND relationships on occasions had turned out to get serious. Its not what and when you do things, its more what the girl is comfortable doing and when.


If you can wait, then wait but if its something that starts really bothering you then its worth a chat.

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try once.. try 2ce... anything after that and then too much.

Agreed, its the same with most things. The third time is always rude to ask or to refuse.


At the end of the day it could just have been she felt awkward at the time, or she thought it might have lead to something else which she didn't want right then.


Good luck with her ... I hope things turn out to be a beautiful relationship.

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