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Bad News for my Cat : (


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So... its been a rough couple of days.. and it seems like one thing after another for my cat...... He started to have hind-leg issues, to where he just seemed a bit unsteady for some reason....


We took him to the vet... nothing was for sure... and they found out he had thyroid issues.. so we had him on medication for that...


Well... the situation has worsened... and now he can barely walk.. he pulls his body and his back legs just are motionless behind him... it has to be the saddest thing I've ever seen..... he was having trouble going to the bathroom in his box, but I fixed his box to be more accomidating to him so now thats gotten better.. but now I'm confronted with getting him put to sleep.. or trying to hold out a little longer... hes 17 years old...... so ya... I dunno... I don't want to be selfish, and I really think that his quality of life has been destroyed.. but I can't see myself taking him to his death... and just knowing that he has no idea what is going to happen... and that today could be the last night that sleeps here... and the last night he gets to see me.. and god I'm bawling right now haha, okay, I better stop.. any advice or anything?

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Aww, no, I'm really sorry to hear this 3

Will his health continue to decline? Or is there a chance it could improve?

I know it's easier said than done but if he ends up being worse off, maybe it's best to put him to sleep?

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17 years is really good for a cat. You have to decide for yourself whether he's in so much pain that he is just suffering too much, or whether you can make him comfortable enough to let things go naturally. Talk to your vet and get their honest opinion of the prognosis. They'll let you know what the real chances are and how much pain your cat is in.


I'm sorry about your pet.

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I'm really sorry... this is so tough! I had to put an old dog to sleep recently myself, but i knew it was time to take him in to prevent more suffering.


If your cat can't stand up he must be very uncomfortable. 17 years is a long lifespan for a cat and old age has just caught up with him and it's his time.


Just spend your time with him tonight saying goodbye and call the vet in the morning. If the vet also thinks it's time, you can know you loved him well and did everything you could for him, and did the right thing not to let him suffer more than necessary.

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see.. thats the thing.. he doesn't seem to be in much pain.... atleast that I can tell... hes just.. completely helpless..... he drags himself where he needs to go.. and just sleeps all the time... he can't do anything but lay down.. and everything is a struggle... he was a VERY active cat up till this point...


He is just really paniced all the time and meows a lot.. and I can only assume thats because he has no idea whats going on : (

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Mav, reading your thread brought tears to my eyes. My cat is like a family member. He's probably my best friend! That said, I think animals have a keen sense of what is going on. He knows tonight might be his last with you. He knows he is loved and has had an amazing like with his "person" (they think that they own us!). While I know it is hard to do, my advice is that you pamper the hell out of him tonight, love on him, let him sleep with you and give him LOTS of tuna. What might come in the near future will be very VERY hard but remember that you are looking out for his best interest. Animals can't care for themselves in this situation. What you might have to do is not wrong. It is done out of love and respect for your furry friend.


I wish you the best and please know you and your bud are in my thoughts. Keep your chin up.

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Aw I'm sorry Maverick. I know how hard it is. We had to put my dog to sleep when I was 19 and I bawled. She was like my little sister. Like the others said, talk to your vet to help you make the best decision. If a professional helps you make the decision, it might feel like less of a weight on your shoulders.


I'm sorry that you and your cat are going through this.

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Ohhh, I'm so incredibly sorry to hear this I know how much like family animals are. I'm (clearly) such a huge cat lover and mine is like my child.

I also have an 18 year old cat... and I see you're my age... so I completely understand how hard this must be--he's been around for almost your entire life...but just try to think of the wonderful life you gave him, all of the love and affection. Remember the good. Do what's best for him, if his quality of life is declining so much (you said he used to be very active..), it's probably time to say goodbye.

I'm so sorry.

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I'm really sorry! That is hard, but much kinder for him as he was obviously suffering and confused. He lived a good long life with you and I'm sure was a happy cat and knows that you loved him. You will remember him with great fondess and happiness once you have gotten past your grieving, which you will... it just takes some time getting used to it.

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