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I think I am making progress

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Hey guys,


Firstly I would like to say that this forum is awesome.. I come here regularly to make an occassional post and read.. I love it.


I went to a Nightclub for the first time yesterday.. it was to celebrate something for a mutual friend so my ex came with us. After a few drinks she started dancing up against our mutual friend. I just turned away when she did it and distracted myself. If this had happened 2 months ago I would have been consumed by jealousy and probably would have cried when I got home. Last night when I got home I didn't think about it and I've only given it a little thought this morning (which prompted me to post here). I will admit that I am not fully healed yet and I did feel a little bit of jealousy this morning but unlike times before, I was able to really get it out of my mind when it came up. Yay?


I find it kind of humorous.. the things she does (like dance with other guys) is actually helping me get over her now. I wouldn't have dated a girl like that 3 years ago (when we started dating) and I wouldn't want to date one now either. Its like.. seeing her do this stuff has made me take her off her pedestal and start to lose interest. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


Other than the fact that day lights savings has pushed time forward by one hour (damnit my day just got shorter), I'm feeling pretty good today! I hope everyone else enjoys the rest of their weekend!

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Good! Glad to hear this didn't bother you too much. I think you're right; her behavior is such a groaner it's probably curing you quickly.


Personally, I don't view dancing around or against someone as particularly bad--I just think it's poor form to work it in front of an ex.


Head high, and in your corner.

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thanks guys


Hmm.. you are right catfeeder. I didn't mean to say it was wrong for everyone... What I meant to say is that the fact that she is doing this stuff is making it easier for me to get over her. She wasn't into any of this stuff (drinking, clubs, etc) when we dated which I found attractive. So by doing it now, it makes her less attractive in my eyes.


Like I said, I'm still in the process of healing. I get jealous sometimes, I still think about her.. but things like this make the hard times a lot easier to deal with.

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