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ok i have been learning for about a week now..(got to start somtime eh)


Alphabet,Numbers,days of the week and basic phrases..


'jag pratar lite svenska'


i'm trying to find a langauge forum for svenska but haven't found any active ones!!


i know a few people who are from sweden but they're pretty busy and don't have much time for my questioning!


I'm seeing my friends there in the summer going to go party for midsummer in Göteborg..should be very interesting!..and well need to atleast learn a little of the basics so i don't appear to be a complete arrogant bastard


Downloading Rosetta stone atm (level one/two) my friends said it'll be a good way to go!


ha en bra dag!


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Hejsan! Hur mår du idag?


Thats great youre trying to learn my language, lets all admit...Sweden rocks, the ppl, the music, the language, the culture, the food, the lifestyle, the girls ,the landscapes, everything... cannot imagine a better place to living in ! I dunno about a language forum tho, sorry. Are u taking Swedish classes? I think thats the best way to learn it.


Ooo and thats awesome youre going to Göteborg... especially at midsommar, I gurantee u will be having an amazing time


Lycka till och jag hoppas du får en jätte bra tid! God natt

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hejsan jag är god, tack så mycket,trevlight att traffasm.


Vad heter du?


Learning to write it is one thing but i am having trouble pronouncing the words.. sound almost like a melody


Yeah Göteborg looks intense... can't wait to go and party..my friend said i will live like a true swede for 2 weeks


Went to stockholm once upon time to see some extended family but i was really young..


The langauge classes i looked at cost lots of money.. so i am gonna just use the Net.. more importantly Rosetta Stone..i've learnt alot from it.. and it's only been a week!!


alot of people are mocking me for learning svenska because they think i am just learning it for the women.. but it's not true.. there are beautiful women everywhere.. if anything it's so i can understand the true meanings of Ingmar Bergman's films... he's one of the best =) and as i said.. so i can atleast understand one or two words!!


vi ses!

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