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Spiked Drink?


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last night i was at a mates house, i had drank 1 bottle of passion pop a cheap bubbley in aus. i had finished drinking it and went into a bedroom i noticed a glass with something in it so i decided to have a deep sip of it, after i did my friend said "what the f why did u drink that that had ciggie ash in it" i couldnt properly see what was in it, i got scared but after 5 minutes forgot about it, we all then made our way to the station, i was fine up until something just hit me and i became really really drunk never been this way before, the last thing i remember was talking to somone on the station and dont remember one thing after that, i woke up at my house and was thinking what happened? i called my friend and she said i was vomiting everywhere and all over myself, and that i couldnt even stand up, and that she was holding me up "i was like a rag doll" she said it was wired because i had never had that happen before and i have drank loads more than that before, i also remember the night but this time i had no idea. do u think it was that sip of that drink i had or that i was just drunk?

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Hey, I hope that drink wasn't spiked.


Some questions I have are:


- is your mate someone you suspect might spike someone's drink?

- was there anyone else there that your mate might have intended that drink for?

- apart from the fact you got really out of it and don't remember what happened after, is there anything which gives you suspicion it could have been spiked?

- and just out of interest, are you both guys or what?

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question 1 no he wouldnt do that

question 2 " "

question 3 my other friend said all that was in it was straight jack daniels and ciggie ash. but she cant be too sure.

question 4: im a girl his a guy



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