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Spousal problems


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I need to vent out or I will go insane.

I am in a bad relationship. I am 40 y.o. married for 5 years and have two beautiful children. My wife is a stay home wife. She is a physician who has decided to be a stay home wife after we got married. We have a nanny who assist my wife with house chores and taking care of the kids. I believe that I am an attentive and caring husband. I think that she has a great life.. But, We fight weekly. I just remember myself repeating "i don't want to fight" when I see the fight coming on. I finally snap and we both start yelling at eachother. She just got home from "girls' night out" and angry at me again for some F'd up reason. Its always something new.... We were in such a good mood this morning. kissy kissy etc. When she was taking a nap with the kids, I went out. I was buying something when she called after her nap. She snapped and asked how I can be purchasing a major item when I asked her to cut down on shopping..... I ended up cancelling the transaction and returned home to a night long of anger from her.... To shed a light on this more, she has been spending in average of $15,000 to $30,000 per month!!! (furniture, landscaping, shopping, etc....) thus I asked her to cut down... Economy is bad and future looks gloomer... I am rambling on because I am so peeved... I am going into work at 7 am (Sunday) and have a long day planned for Monday....

damn..... ranting ranting ranting......

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What are the fights usually about?...money? It could be more then just that. She could be unhappy for many reasons such as, sex, stress from the kids, who knows. But i would suggest to make her a nice dinner and have the kids out for the night and you two just sit and talk about what is on each others mind. You probably know communication is a huge part in a relationship, but just try this. I mean it would work for me.

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Stop arguing with her. Her behaviour sounds like a form of depression. Calm down on your end and as a husband talk to your wife to make her open her heart to you. Do it for your kids..do it for yourself and do it for the woman you married. She sounds like she has a problem that has to come out so be smart because if she leans on another guy youll be in trouble...cool it. Be patient and talk to her to find out what is really going on.

The truth will come out.....this is where better or worse can count for something ok?

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