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Is it better............

Sweet Venus

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I dunno. I think if a man is tooo emotionally envolved at first its a turn off. But thats just for me. Lots of girls love that. But at the same point if it was at the stage he should be getting emotionally envolved and he was only there physically you would wonder what his reasons were.


Why can't you be both?

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That's kind of vague, why is it forced to be separate? If that's the case, then perhaps this relationship isn't worth pursuing until both are viable?


And it depends on the level of involvement and where you are in your life. Heavy emotional involvement too early in a relationship can be just as damaging as the physical aspects.


The best case scenario is to let both develop naturally and slowly together.

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I'm not sure if I understand your question, but I believe that you have to be emotionally involved, before you can sucessfully be physically involved.


Just my opinion...


I second this.

Though I've seen some guys get physically attatched and THEN emotionally. Some guys say they need to "have sex early on to figure out if they're a good match."


I would like both.. More of the emotional involvement of course. most women feel this way?

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